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Hydraulic Fiber Press Machine

We glad to inform you that, to focus the need of Indian Textile industries our R & D dept., has develop first time in India, an Eco-friendly product  Hydraulic Fibre Press.

Increase production.
Even dyeing result.
Save in man power.
Achieve optimum density.
Uniform pressing.
“Zero” maintenance cost compare to stamping & pneumatic press machine.
The hydraulic press is ideal for preparing Cotton fiber cakes of very high density. This press uses 25 to 150Ton force to achieve required density which is not possible with manual pressing, pneumatic pressing or by stamping machines. The pressed cakes can pass to for dyeing / bleaching.
The machine is useful for Synthetic, Acrylic, Polyester & Cotton fiber.
Working Principle: The loose fibers are feed uniformly from fiber bell into cake forming device, press the fiber by Pressing device with the hydraulic cylinder and power pack to yields high density cake in a single stroke.

Technical Details:

ø 1100MM

Type of Fiber Density Kg/m3 Cotton Polyster Acrylics
238 332 383
OD 1100mm 115 Kg/ Cake 160 Kg/ Cake 185 Kg/ Cake
ID 450mm
Ht 610mm
Cake 2 No.s 230 Kg/ Batch 320 Kg/ Batch 370 Kg/ Batch

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